Antonio Carpenter,
Chief Executive Officer
and Lodge Keeper


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Ancient Wisdom Teachings Spiritual Lodge

Like the Phoenix...Out of the Ashes...
The Wisdom of the Ancients Will Rise Again...
For the Benefit of the People...Unto 7 Generations

"Tapu' at"
The Sacred Hopi Labyrinth

Mother Earth Symbol: The Symbol of the Emergence

The Hopi Nation of North America had a symbol for Mother Earth known as "Tapu' at... (Mother & Child) ... The 7 Cycle Labyrinth. This Symbol of the Mother...The Sacred Earth...identified the Sacred in Nature.

Ancient Wisdom Teachings Spiritual Lodge/Sacred Hopi Tapu' at

These symbols were placed in Sacred Places to remind the Native Americans of their Connection and Union to the Source of Life... The Sacred Earth. When one walks the Sacred Labyrinth, one recreates this very ancient expression of Thanks and Remembrance of the Divine in all things.

Walking the labyrinth of illumination. There is no right way to walk the labyrinth; just as in life, you only have to enter and follow the path set before you.

Revival of the Spiritual Legacy of the Native American

There is Reemerging among the descendants of Native Americans, a desire to return to the Spiritual Traditions of their Ancestors. We Seek to Revitalize the Rituals of Divine Remembrance & Clear Mind of the Native American Culture, and to Assist all people who seek Understanding & Connection with these Facilitate the Reconnection of all Peoples to the Sacred Earth.

We Seek to once again Practice & Maintain the Sacred Ceremonies & Prayers that our ancestors taught us to... Heal the Earth & to Heal the People. We Seek to bring about the Understanding that all Cultures are Valued & Honored.

We seek to Create a Native American Ceremonial Arbor in Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park.

The Ceremonial Arbor would eventually house the Following Components:
  • Ceremonial Sacred Space...Ceremonies, Meditations, Wisdom Teachings
  • Sacred Inipi Lodge (Sweat Lodge)
  • Sacred Hopi Labyrinth...Meditation/Contemplation
  • Organic Medicine Herb Garden

We Seek to Connect the Native American Way with the contemporary Wisdom of Environmental Education, Conservation & Ecology by Connecting with the Seasons, the Moon Phases, and other Ceremonies that reflect the Connection of the People, the Sacred Earth, the Sun & the Moon.

The Ceremonial Arbor will provide Internship Opportunities for students to:
  • Acquire Skills in Building Native Dwellings, & Growing Organic Medicinal Herbs
  • Conduct Ecological Field Research
  • Experience the Cultural Traditions of the Native Americans.